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Sunil Narnaulia, popularly known as “the Living Chanakya” is a well known Brand Consultant, Motivator, Corporate & Family Counselor. Many Institutions, Enterprises and Schools are getting benefits from their sharp mind, intellectualism and sustainable management (minimum work force, minimum capital and maximum potential) of work. eg; CREDENT- India’s top magazine for educational news, Jaipur International Film Festival (JIFF), Memory Guru Ashish Sharma, Oxyopia- All India Talent Search Examination, Yuva Pahal (NGO), Mittal Commerce Classes (MCC), Innovation Institute, Sambhav Academy, Focus IITJEE Academy and many more.



He was born in a Hindu family on 24, October, 1976 in Khetri Nagar (district- Jhunjhunu), Rajasthan to a middle class family. His father worked in Hindustan Copper Ltd. His mother is a house wife. He has 4 siblings. One sister and three brothers.

He was an average student with average marks but something was different from the day he saw the first day light. He was not born with the silver spoon in his mouth but he made his mark in the world by his passion and seriousness for his work.

He did his schooling from his home town. He did his under graduation B.Sc. from Vinodini P.G. College, Khetri & Post-graduation in Zoology from MDS University, Ajmer, Rajasthan. In his college days he was pro-active in Journalism, Politics, Script writing, Song writing, Photography & Hosting.



He heard his own heart and believed in his talent, after completing his post-graduation; he came to Jaipur with an ambition to be a director. He started his first project with his friends titled PARIVARTAN (a movie). Owing to lack of funds it was failed. After that he went to Mumbai (2004) just like millions of dreamers who visit every day to try their luck in film industry. His first step in the industry was as a director, to get the name, fame and money like other big stars. But success is not a one-time thing. Again he was failed & He pulled out a lot of money into it.

He tried again and started a monthly magazine titled “Atmanubhav”. It was a religious insert based on spiritual aspects. “Altmanubhav” was also discontinued in few years due to some personal reasons. It was hard time for Sunil Narnaulia when his every step was going wrong but his ideologies, attitude, passion, positivity, determination, persistence, recentness, commitment for himself never ever stopped him even after continuous failures.

During the publication of “Atmanubhav” he read many spiritual, motivational and management books. Out of them 4 books put remarkable impact on his life. These books were Shri Madbhagwat Geeta (narrative framework of a dialogue between Pandava prince Arjuna and his guide and charioteer Krishna), Mahatma Gandhi’s “My Experiments with truth”, the great Chanakya’s “Chanakya Neeti”, Dale Caregie’s “How to influence people and make friends”.

The lesson of Lord Krishna “Karma karte jao phal, ki chinta mat karo” gave him strength in this time. And finally he decided to start teaching to fulfill their basic needs. Teaching as a career gave him financial support. He got name and fame also. But he was not satisfied with this job and again he took a risk in their life and changes their career option. It was the time when he moved towards journalism and joined CREDENT– India’s top educational news magazine in 2011 as Executive Editor.  Now after 8 year long struggle his favorable time started.



He worked hard and proved their talent. Due to his innovative ideas CREDENT became India’s top e-magazine in January 2013. After that he launched a line of successful programs eg; CRSE, OXYOPIA, FOURTH ESTATE and many more.

Year 2013 he started consultancy & counseling programs to help people. Now he is working as a Brand Manager, Corporate & Family counselor. Many Institutions, Enterprises, Schools & families are getting benefits from their experiences. Now he is a key person behind many big brands.

The creativeness of a director, theater artist, and writer has made him a perfectionist in his field of Brand development and promotion. You never know what failures are good for and what they are going teach you and how useful it could be in your future. That’s why they say key to success is “present time is the most precious time you have, the person in front of you is the most important person and work given to you as most important work in life”. These principles, ideologies and ongoing attitude gave him the correct path in life.

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