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Manasi Verma, Chairman of Manasvita Group is the Chief Promoter of Sunil Narnaulia. She is the lady one who gave him title, “the Living Chanakya.” She has played a major role in turning the failure one into succeed person. She is the prominent name of educational media. Her faith in Sunil Narnaulia made his every step full of confidence.


Radhe Narnaulia, Managing Director of Sunil Narnaulia team is one of the top skill of management and marketing. He mange all the personal and professional affairs of Sunil Narnaulia. He analyses minutely all the thing related the company. He join Sunil Narnaulia team in 2012. His grip on customers and staff is awesome. He behaves as per conditions. He is a little baby with younger and

Responsible person with elders.


Prapti Executive Director of Sunil Narnaualia team is a most talented lady and a wide array of recourses to put her talents to good use . She has been by his side since 2012. Sunil Narnaulia in not a successful person if prapti were not behind them. Prapti perfectly execute all the plans which is designed by Sunil Narnaulia. Her charming personality, confidence and public relation quality make him successful on every step. No failure in the career graph prapti. She achieve all the heights of success which is decided by Sunil Narnaulia for her.


Pankaj Bhati has been sunil Narnaulia team’s Business manger since 2013. He is not only a accounts expert but also a intellectual person who knows how to raise and manage funds perfectly. He is a perfect follower of Sunil Narnaulia. He plays key role in planning of Sunil Narnaulia.

Manish Parmar is Web Advisor of Our team since 2014. He advice the team of Website and guide to create web content and develops web relations perfectly. He advice to team how to they use new techniques of web to increase fan following

Ajay Singh, the Design & Graphics Head is a member of team Sunil Narnaulia since 2012. He is master of all designing software. He is previously a DTP teacher, but when he joined Sunil Narnaulia, he completely devoted to create new innovative design. Sunil Narnaulia make a design in his mind, Ajay design them through computer.

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